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Meet five of your potential new colleagues and find out what drives them and makes them proud to work for MSD.

It’s always about the patients.

Truc Hoang||Medical Scientific Liaison Oncology,||Medical Affairs, MSD in Denmark

I came to MSD from a career in Academia and one of the first things I was faced with was that all we do is for the patients. That has been the driving force for me. I was surprised by the strongly regulated environment in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a different but very exciting world where we operate with ethics and integrity as our core values.  Things are moving fast! If you want new challenges and development opportunities, this is the right place for you. You will be encouraged to design your own career path and find your own way, and the leaders here are very supportive.

I’m the scientific sparring partner for colleagues and customers.

As Medical Scientific Liaison, Oncology, I possess the scientific and medical knowledge of my focus areas in oncology. It is my responsibility to engage in knowledge sharing activities both externally and internally, so that MSD together with the scientific leaders and key decision makers can uncover scientific gaps and address the unmet medical needs of patients.

We are investing heavily in the future.

I’m proud to work for a company with such an extensive development programme. We are investing heavily in the future and already with an extensive portfolio that makes a big difference for the patients. To me it is inspiring to be part of a company with a high level of scientific integrity and strong work ethics. I am very excited about the future.

About Truc


Biology . PhD. Infectious
Disease and Immunology.

Research scientist at
Statens Serum Institute

Truc’s advice to new colleagues:
Be open and honest about what you want for yourself. And never be afraid to ask questions. To become successful, you have to be passionate about what you do.

Science weighs heavily in the medical department. Generating data, distributing data, interpreting and understanding data are very important aspects of working here together with a thorough understanding of the landscape of stakeholders, processes and unmet medical needs.

I am surrounded by extremely talented and clever colleagues!

Terje Kvale||Tender Manager, MSD Norway

Every morning I look forward to meeting my colleagues, getting started on our tasks for the day – and learning something new. I am surrounded by extremely talented and clever colleagues. Working at the leading edge of innovation makes MSD a very inspiring and motivating environment. We have excellent processes, a strong organisation and great opportunities for internal career moves.

We’re always trying to find the right “go-to-market strategy” that will make our innovations available to patients in need.

As Tender Manager, I am responsible for ensuring that MSD responds to tenders correctly. It is quite complex work, in part governed by the Norwegian Law on Public Acquisition. I act as gatekeeper on our tenders, coordinating, assembling and submitting input from our cross-functional teams. We’re always trying to find the right “go-to-market strategy” that will make our products available to patients in need.

I like that I’m working with products that help and save lives. It’s easy to associate with our mission.

I like that I’m working with products that help and save lives. It’s easy to associate with. I have only been here for 7 months, and during that time we have already launched new products and indications. MSD is all about innovations that make a difference to patients, and in market access we contribute by trying to secure a rapid access to those innovations, never compromising with ethics and integrity.


Business degree from
the Norwegian School
of Economics.

Previous work:
10 years in a med-tech

Terje’s advice to new colleagues:
As a non-pharmacist, I recommend taking the time you need to learn the medical lingo. It may take time, but don’t worry, you’ll get there!
MSD is a company with many strengths, not least a strong pipeline, so here you have the opportunity to shape your own work life and take as much responsibility as you like.

What makes MSD a great workplace is the culture, the people – and work you can take pride in.

Mads Frederiksen, Key Account Manager, Sales & Marketing, MSD Denmark

What makes MSD a great workplace is the culture and the people. We have great teams with good spirit. I am proud to work for a company that invests more money into research here in Denmark than any other pharmaceutical company. And on a personal level, I’m proud to contribute to the transformation of our company and our industry, constantly challenging the conventional wisdom.

The most interesting aspect of my job is working with customers on solving different challenges they face in the hospital care setting.

As Key Account Manager in sales & marketing, I am responsible for several products across the hospital care portfolio. The most interesting aspect of my job is collaborating with customers: understanding the challenges they face and finding ways to address them together.

I’ve developed and tested new partnership models with our customers being a part of a new way of working with customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

In my 2,5 years in MSD, I’ve helped shape my position towards one of solution selling, where we identify challenges and develop the solutions to address them. The healthcare sector is facing big challenges, and there are no easy answers. The pharmaceutical industry is part of the solution and we need to be innovative.


MSc, Economic

+10 years in various public and
private institutions exploring
innovative approaches to

Mads’ advice to new colleagues:
Establish a good network and get on top of your professional foundation fast. Keep morals and ethics high. At MSD, it’s not just what we do but how we do it. Show courage in taking appropriate business risks but never compliance risks. Our success and the greatest benefits for patients come from bringing our values to life in our everyday work.

I chose a temporary position from MSD Animal Health over permanent position offers from others.

Sindre Rosenlund||Key Account Manager, Aquaculture||MSD Animal Health, Norway

I studied Fish Health Biology at university and had a summer job doing vaccination audits at fish farms for MSD Animal Health. I was very impressed by the team, the atmosphere and the leadership – the sheer amount of knowledge of fish and pharmaceuticals for fish. When I graduated, I knew I wanted to work for MSD Animal Health, even though they could only offer me a temporary position at first. Today, I am the Key Account Manager for all our customers in the Northern Region of Norway.

I engage with our customers to promote fish health and improve their production.

As Key Account Manager in the aquaculture team in MSD Animal Health, I am our customers’ ambassador to MSD. I work closely with them to understand the challenges they face and the needs they have, both here and now and in a longer perspective. I share what I learn with our R&D department, and I also draw on our international network to come up with solutions. Developing a new vaccine can take 5-10 years, so you need to be able to look and plan ahead.

To see the results of our vaccines is inspiring.

The aquaculture team is a small, tight-knit unit working to improve fish health in a company dedicated to improving animal health. And being part of a big corporation means we can really make an impact. To me, visiting a fish farm, seeing the results of our solutions and feeling we have actually helped them, is very inspiring.


FishHealth Biology,
University of Bergen

Summer job for MSD
Animal Health
(vaccination audits)

Sindre’s advice for new colleagues:
If you have an idea, go for it. Make the case and bring it forward. If you have any ideas for new projects, the leaders are open and supportive. In my short time here, I have already contributed to high level discussions on our priorities. Also, make sure to utilise our global network. If you’re facing a challenge in aquaculture, someone in Canada or Chile has probably faced it before, and everybody wants to share and help.

I have many female role models in senior leadership positions in MSD Animal Health.

Emma Bacher||Nordic Product Manager,||Ruminant/Equine Business Unit||MSD Animal Health, Sweden

My Veterinarian degree in combination with the biomedicine differentiation fits this position very well and working for a big pharmaceutical company was my dream. MSD Animal Health is a great place to work. I have many great female role models in senior leadership positions, and it is possible to combine a career with family life.

We work for the science of healthy animals

I really like that we can make a difference for the animals. We want to raise awareness of preventive health care for cattle. We can see that the attitude has changed, and the awareness of the importance of vaccinations has increased. We work for improved animal welfare in collaboration with the vets and farmers, and we share the same goal: healthy animals.

We truly work for life.

A major goal for us is to keep the animals healthy. Healthy animals means less use of antibiotics and, in turn, less risk of antibiotic resistance to occur. Antibiotic resistance is one of the major threats to global health. It really motivates me to work with this very important question and by addressing it, we truly work for life.


Veterinary Science,
University of Copenhagen,
Biomedicine differentiation

Herd Health Veterinarian,

Emma’s advice for new colleagues:
Make the most of the chance to really learn from some very experienced and highly skilled colleagues. And share your ideas. No idea is too crazy to share when you’re looking to create new innovations together. It’s also an advantage to have something you are passionate about. I love cattle and that has always been a strong motivation in my work.


I love adapting my||communication skills||to real-life scenarios||in animal healthcare

Rebecca, Senior Specialist
Marketing Communication Channels
MSD Animal Health

Meet Rasmus Toft-Nielsen


Invest your career in MSD

Working at MSD, you’ll be working every day to bring our pharmaceuticals to those who need them most, always with respect to our strict ethical standards. In both Human Health and Animal Health, you’ll work with colleagues who embrace bold ideas and new approaches. Whether you’re bringing new innovations to market, working directly with our customers or supporting our business in another way, MSD offers you opportunities to develop and expand your career while making a difference in people's lives.

To succeed, we need more than best-in-class talent. We need people with commitment and curiosity, a strong sense of ethics, team working skills and a can-do attitude. And yes, we need people who are ready to put in some hard work. In return, we offer attractive and competitive compensation and benefit programs as well as resources to support your professional development and personal well-being.

Are you ready to work for life? Are you ready to invest in your career at MSD?


I am proud of playing||a vital role in the||future of medicine.

Clinical Operations Manager

Leader portraits

Our leaders are committed to our team members’ growth and development, and empower each of them to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to diversity and inclusion at every level. Get to know some of the leaders of MSD below.

Signe Bomholt

Commercial Franchise Lead, Oncology, Nordics & Baltics
Education: MSc (Pharmacy) and PhD (Biomedical Science)

In a nutshell, what is your job?
I head up a group of people with very diverse backgrounds such as marketing, nursing and health sciences. We all work in the field of oncology to improve the treatment of cancer patients, an area with huge need for modern treatments. That’s what makes our work meaningful.

How did you get there?
I was in discussions about a position as Medical Advisor, but the recruiter I was talking to said I had the personality for a marketing position. Initially, I didn’t think much of the idea. But eventually I decided to try something new, and changed track. I have not regretted that and I see my scientific background as an advantage, because access to medicine in our markets is based on scientific evidence

How does science and marketing compare in MSD?
Working in the lab, you rarely get to see the product you’re working on get to the patients. Working in marketing, I meet with clinical staff and hear of patients whose conditions have improved. And I’m part of making that possible. The products don’t get out of the lab on their own. Someone has to carry them across the finishing line. And I’m still very much using my intellect and scientific training – it’s just being applied in a new way.

Why should I work for MSD?
Everyone should know that MSD has many products that make an enormous difference for many. I’m quite sure everyone knows someone who has benefitted from one of our innovations. I am immensely proud of working for MSD. We improve lives of many, every day, always respecting ethics and integrity. If you think about that, I’m sure you want to be part of our story.

What is your advice for MSD candidates?
When I’m hiring, I look at the candidates’ attitude. If two people have the same qualifications, the right attitude decides the matter. To me, it’s about thinking in solutions. Don’t just focus solely on what will be on your desk. Ask about the greater picture, what are the challenges facing the team, and who’ll contribute what to meet them.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
If you ask for opportunities, you will get them. Just be ready to catch them when they come!


Marc Gailhardou

Managing Director, MSD in Sweden
Educational background: PharmD, MBA

In a nutshell, what is your role?
In short, I am Managing Director at MSD in Sweden. Our footprint here in Sweden is remarkable, as we are heavily involved in clinical trials. 1 in 4 patients involved in a company sponsored clinical trial in Sweden is in MSD trial. With our team and this footprint, we have the means to be the leading healthcare company in Sweden, Inventing for Life.

How did you get here?
I have been at MSD since January 2017. My educational background is as a PharmD, and I also have an MBA from London Business School and a MS in Health economics. I started on operational sales and marketing roles in the primary care & hospital areas. As I wanted to be exposed to strategic global roles, I focused on vaccines, a very exciting field from the biologic nature with high impact for public health. I joined MSD because our portfolio is unique. I was proud of working with vaccines. But at MSD we can cover all the hot topics for making a difference.

Why should I work for MSD?
Whereas most companies are making a difference in a limited number of areas, MSD is an invention and research powerhouse with the ability to impact all the major areas like oncology, hepatitis C, hospital care, diabetes and vaccines. That is unique. Working at MSD, making a difference for patients is present and actionable every day. For example, on our wall in our office in Stockholm, Sweden, we have a counter showing how many patients have been treated with MSD products since New Year’s Eve.

What is your advice for MSD candidates?
The most important aspect I look at when I’m involved in recruiting is capabilities. Each person that works here has an ever growing impact on our business. So, the talent we bring on board need to not only have the right capabilities, but to be the best within a given capability, whether it is science, digital transformation, business etc. Expertise starts with medical science – but it goes beyond the science guys. All commercial functions, marketing, HR etc. are carried out in equally structured, strategic and sophisticated ways and according to strict ethical processes.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
MSD people are smart, skilled and dedicated across the whole value chain. We’re constantly innovating and moving boundaries, and our approach to talent management is very, very structured. Trust the company on that! We walk the talk on our values, and that includes nurturing talent. State of the art processes for talent development are in place and we are ambitious in developing our people. Make your difference.


Katrin Moeschlin

Executive Director, Clinical Operations in Nordic and Baltic
Education: BSc (Hons), Registered Nurse and Midwife

In a nutshell, what is your role?
My role is to oversee clinical operations across the Nordic and Baltic countries. This includes identifying clinics for execution of MSD clinical trials and ensuring high quality data delivery to support our pipeline and ultimately registration of new medicines.

The team consists of 160 people in different roles across the Nordic & Baltic. Clinical Operations is labour intense and fun, requiring a lot of internal as well as external collaboration. It takes many years to develop a new drug from an initial idea to final marketable product in this industry.

How did you get here?
My background as a midwife is relevant as this has taught me the healthcare settings from the inside. I have worked at MSD since 2010 and prior to that in several other pharma companies in different roles. I love organising and leading projects and people as well as seeing projects and people make progress. In clinical operations, it is all about scaling, efficiency and processes – but still keeping an open mind towards the innovation in the way we work.

Why should I work for MSD?
To me, MSD is an employer of choice for ambitious candidates with high sense of ethics because we have an unprecedented pipeline with several product launches coming up, offering plenty of interesting projects and work for many different professions. We also have a true belief in the competence of our people and we pursue diversity in our teams. For talents, there is potential to advance - this includes possibilities to be selected for various Leadership Programmes or participation in regional and global stretch assignments.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
If you have career aspirations upwards, you have to show good networking capabilities, willingness to travel and the ability to lead cross-functional activities. Leadership skills are required from everyone regardless if you are a people manager or not, and this starts with the ability to lead yourself.

At MSD, we’re inventing for life and working for life. In my team, I also insist that we share for life. Share all your ideas with the team, maybe it helps someone or maybe someone can help make your idea even better.


Tuuli Suvanto

Director, National Accounts & Market Access, MSD in Finland
Education: MSc in Business Administration/Economics, Turku University School of Economics

In a nutshell, what is your job in MSD?
My job, and the job of my team, is to make sure our innovations get out to patients in Finland; to make sure that as many patients as possible benefit from our innovations. That requires a lot of close collaboration and dialogue with our customers – hospitals and health authorities.

How did you get there?
One of the great things about MSD is that it offers you opportunity for new challenges all the time. I have spent 23 years with MSD, starting as a sales rep and working my way up from there, including postings both in the US and Norway.

My current position combines the things I’ve enjoyed most about my previous roles: Business development, innovation and strategic thinking. I enjoy the intellectual challenges of making MSD products available to patients and reaching our targetsat the same time.

Why should I work for MSD?
Because MSD is a truly innovative company, and working with patient access is very satisfying. We want to help patients to live better lives, and do this with respect to high ethical standards. We also need to stay profitable, to be able to continue funding our research. Meeting this challenge involves not only my team but a lot of other functions in MSD.

In Market Access, we have an ongoing dialogue with hospitals and stakeholders on how we can work together and find new ways to partner up to create win-win situations that will get our medicines to the patients that need them.

What is your advice for MSD candidates?
In addition to the required skills needed to strengthen the team, what I look for when hiring new talent is attitude. Specifically, that the candidates know who they are and what they want, and that they have a real hunger for joining MSD. And then I always ask myself: Is this a person I would like to have as my boss? Someone I would like to work with?

We are all very different people, but we have to be good team-workers, both in our local team and in MSD as a whole. We have lots of cross-functional projects, so we need people who are good at taking responsibility for cooperation, and who enjoy working in teams.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
Take responsibility for your current role, be curious and stay open. If you want new challenges, be clear about it. Be clear about what you want and who you are. But concentrate on your current job. There are a lot of opportunities at MSD if you want them. It’s a big company with a big portfolio.


Daffyd Morris

General Manager, MSD Animal Health, Norway, and Aquaculture leader, Nordics
Education: M.Sc. in Marine Biology, MBA

In a nutshell, what is your role?
Basically, to manage all aspects of the aquaculture business in Norway and the Nordics, attending to our entire product and customer portfolio. I work closely with our Norwegian aquaculture teams and liaise with other teams both in the Nordics and globally. It is very much a coordinating role, though I do make a point of getting out and visiting our customers to help me better relate to their feedback. We have to make sure that what we think they need is actually what they do need.

How did you get here?
I joined MSD in the UK in 2009, helping fish farm customers and vets use the technical aspects of our solutions. That is, advising on how to apply our pharmaceutical products depending on factors like fish size, water temperature, etc. I ran projects with customers as well, solving a number of challenging tasks.

I had business experience from my previous jobs, and MSD was a chance to get into the technical side. Eventually, I wanted to merge the two aspects, and via postings with MSD Animal Health on both the East and West coast of Canada and back again to the UK, I finally came to the Nordics – the number one salmon producing region in the world.

Why should I work for MSD?
As my story shows, one of the great things about MSD is that you can apply what you’ve learnt in the academic arena to commercial settings in different countries. And yes, we have great products, and we have great products coming, but the job is about more than selling products. It’s about solving problems and delivering solutions. It’s very exciting. We enable the best fish welfare and animal welfare possible. And when I see all the salmon products in the supermarket, I feel we really make a difference.

What is your advice for MSD candidates?
In addition to the required skills needed to strengthen the team, what I look for when hiring new talent is attitude. Specifically, that the candidates know who they are and what they want, and that they have a real hunger for joining MSD. And then I always ask myself: Is this a person I would like to have as my boss? Someone I would like to work with?

We are all very different people, but we have to be good team-workers, both in our local team and in MSD as a whole. We have lots of cross-functional projects, so we need people who are good at taking responsibility for cooperation, and who enjoy working in teams.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
We hire people with many different educational backgrounds. The deciding factor is attitude. We look for people with passion for working in this area. People with an inner drive and a positive attitude to work.

Once you’re in, make sure to find a mentor. We’ve got a range of people with a lot of experience, so let them help you plan your career. It’s important to enjoy your job, so your leaders must help guide you to work with things you enjoy. We ask a lot of you, so make sure to ask a lot of us. It goes both ways in MSD.


Nina Hyldgaard

Director, Regulatory Affairs, Nordic Area, MSD Animal Health
Education: M.Sc. (Pharmacy)

In a nutshell, what is your role?
I lead the team responsible for registration of new products in the Nordics and for maintenance of our current portfolio. In close collaboration with colleagues locally and globally as well as the Nordic authorities we create the legal basis for our products, we handle adverse events and we ensure that our products are distributed to the end users without compromising the quality.

How did you get here?
I had held similar positions with other pharmaceutical companies for ten years, when I was approached by MSD Animal Health. Having worked with regulatory aspects of human health pharmaceuticals, I found animal health an interesting new challenge. In MSD Animal Health, we work with both companion animals and production animals, and the aspects pertaining to food safety was particularly new to me.

Why should I work for MSD?
It is a chance to get an exciting job in a great company with high-quality products. We have a valuable pipeline, an unwavering commitment to compliance and to our end users, animals and humans alike. We are a highly innovative company focusing not only on pharmaceuticals, but on end to end solutions for our customers that amplify the efficacy of our medicines. Our mission “The Science of Healthier Animals” is embedded in all we do.

What is your advice for new colleagues?
Take ownership of both small and large tasks and involve yourself in projects that lie outside your day to day tasks. Show interest for your work, for learning new things and for making a difference. Engagement, motivation and flexibility can open a lot of doors.



I respect and value our||way of doing business.

Risto, Product Specialist
MSD Animal Health

MSD in the Nordics

In the Nordic region, MSD has management structure and work streams operating on a Nordic and Nordic-Baltic level. Working together in cross-functional teams across geographic and therapeutic borders, we bring medicines and vaccines for the world’s most challenging diseases forward.

Our priority areas in the Nordics are oncology, diabetes, hospital acute care, vaccines and animal health.

Get to know our country organizations

Country facts




working for MSD





MSD is a key contributor to Danish healthcare as we are the international healthcare company that invests the most in clinical research in Denmark. We work in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, authorities and a number of research institutions. Our Animal Health division closely collaborates with veterinarians, farmers and food production companies in improving the lives of our pets, the health and welfare of animals and the safety of our food.





working for MSD





MSD holds a key position in the innovative life science arena in Sweden. We have close partnerships with Karolinska Institutet and Sahlgrenska Academy. Among many things we raise current topics at our very popular lunch seminars, Brown Bag Lunch Talks. Our Animal Health teams help reduce the use of antibiotics in production farming through preventative healthcare for animals.





working for MSD





MSD is Norway's largest biopharmaceutical company (measured in turnover). Our business is based on clinical drug research that provides Norwegian patients with rapid access to innovative treatment. Our Animal Health aquaculture team is heavily involved with Norway’s salmon industry and the promotion of fish health.





working for MSD





MSD wants to be part of developing better healthcare at large. We take huge pride in supporting pioneering Finnish start-ups, like cancer care start-up Noona, gain ground globally. We want to use our global networks to help Finnish innovations. Our Animal Health teams work closely with our customers to increase both productivity and animal welfare.



I create solutions for the||benefit of the patients,||the healthcare industry,||and our company.

Operations and Launch Lead

The application process

Are you ready to apply for one of our vacant positions and join a team that’s committed to saving and improving lives around the world? That’s great! Here’s a brief step-by-step outline of the application process.

Find an open position

All vacant positions worldwide, including ours in the Nordics, are handled through our global recruitment system, Taleo, and all applications must be made through this system.

First, find the advert for the job you want to apply for using the filtering tools to narrow your search.

Once you’ve found the advert for the job you want, hit the Apply Now button to start the Taleo process. Make sure you have your free text application and your CV ready to upload – or an up to date LinkedIn profile ready to import.


Getting started in our application system

First, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions, to create a profile and log in to Taleo. Please note that MSD is a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA. That’s why you’re dealing with Merck in Taleo.

By creating a profile and uploading/importing your information, you will be able to revisit and modify your information later. This is required by international law.


Six steps in our application system

Once you’re logged in, there are six steps to complete:

  1. A brief questionnaire
  2. Uploading your resume or importing it from your LinkedIn account (you’ll be able to edit it before submitting it)
  3. Personal information
  4. Your Experience and education
  5. Uploading additional attachments (such as your CV or diplomas)
  6. Reviewing and submitting the information you have provided.

After applying via the ‘Apply Online’ button, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. You’ll also receive an e-mail with login codes, so that you can modify your data if necessary. We’ll try to reply to your application within two weeks.


Interviews and tests

If you are invited for further interviews, you will meet a Talent Acquisition Partner, your possible future manager and your future colleagues. An assessment might also form part of the procedure, as can a background check, depending on the position and the country in question.

If both parties are still enthusiastic about working together, we will discuss the basics of your contract and make you an offer. If you sign the contract we’re ready to give you a warm welcome as our new colleague!




I am proud to enable the||rapid access of||treatment for patients||in need.

Bjarne, Market Access Manager