We work for life for cancer patients

Do you dream of a career dedicated to extending and improving the lives of cancer patients? Our development programme in Immuno-Oncology aim to improve life for cancer patients and their families. When you join MSD’s Oncology team in the Nordics, you’ll work for life every day by making our breakthrough innovations available to more patients. Innovations that are proving to hold promise in some of the most common cancer diseases worldwide.

We are building a leading oncology company – and we need your expertise and passion on our exciting journey. Working closely with medical professionals, legislators and regulators, we offer both scientific and  commercial profiles a professionally satisfying career in a fast-moving company – and the opportunity to truly work for life.

Work with us

Meet five of your potential new colleagues and find out what drives them and makes them proud to work for MSD’s Oncology team in the Nordics.

Things happen fast, and the learning curve is steep, which means I really get to develop myself professionally.

Ami Albihn||Medical Advisor,||Oncology||MSD Sweden

I came to MSD after several years in academia where learning is the main focus. Transitioning to a job in “the real world” has not made the learning curve any less steep. Here at MSD, I have progressed through different medical positions, moving to the Oncology division in 2014. Even though I have stayed in the same company, I feel like I’m constantly learning and developing professionally. New studies and innovations are presented at a fast pace, and right now is a particularly exciting time to be working in oncology.

I interact with physicians to get their feedback on our new innovations and to discuss existing data gaps.

I communicate the science behind our innovations – both by conveying our data from scientific studies in terms of safety and efficacy and by helping close certain data gaps. If physicians need to know how a specific type of patient reacts to one of our drugs, I will assess ways for MSD to support them in obtaining that information. A workday rarely goes exactly like I planned it, so I have to be flexible and good at prioritising my tasks. One thing is for sure, it never gets boring!

The feeling of making a difference is present every single day.

I have always known that I wanted to work with something that makes a difference in society. And now, in my job as Medical Advisor in Oncology, I feel that I’m doing just that every single day. But it is definitely a team effort, and I’m part of a high-performance team where we support each other through our individual strengths. Our scientific programme is solid with thorough and consistent studies, and we have a strong pipeline of inventions that we expect will have a real impact on many people’s lives. Both today and tomorrow.


MSc in Biomedicine and
in Bioentrepreneurship.
PhD in Tumor Biology

Started as Medical Information
Specialist in MSD and
has since advanced
through different
medical positions

Ami’s advice for new colleagues:
Try to learn as much as possible from your colleagues. The job is certainly a big learning opportunity, so if you want to develop this is the place to be. And don’t be afraid to speak up if you have ideas for improvements. We understand that reinvention is a prerequisite for success, and you will experience an open and friendly atmosphere in the whole company.

We work for life for cancer patients.

Søren Granhøj Pedersen||Oncology Country Lead||MSD Denmark

I came on board at a time when MSD was just starting to really focus on oncology. In just three years, we have built a completely new and high performing franchise with a solid pipeline of treatments with the aim of prolonging the lives of cancer patients. Even though other companies initially were ahead of us in the development of immuno-therapy, our focus and unwavering commitment to oncology has allowed us to take the lead in the immuno-oncology treatment area. It has been amazing and truly inspiring to experience how far true dedication and can-do attitude can take us. And this is just the beginning!

I make sure that everyone runs in the same direction.

I’m responsible for MSD’s Oncology franchise in Denmark and Iceland, managing the cross-functional team on a national level and supporting the coordination of all our efforts and work streams. From making sure we have a cross-functional business plan and a coherent communication storyline, to coordinating the activities and focus of everyone across the organisation supporting the oncology area. Basically, I try to make sure that everyone runs in the same direction.

Our focus on patients is embedded in our culture and drives all our decisions.

I’m proud to be part of changing the life expectations for those cancer patients our product serves – and to drive change in how we think about cancer from a deadly disease to one that you may actually survive. It’s rewarding and gives you a strong sense of purpose, but also a great responsibility. This is highly reflected in our culture. If we all understand that medicines are for the patients, we can also trust and empower every individual to make the right decisions that benefit the patients.


HD in Economics &
Marketing. Executive MBA

+10 years in Global
Marketing in Novo Nordisk

Søren’s advice for new colleagues:
Keep your focus on our overall purpose. If you bear the patients in mind, then you have our trust to make the right decisions. But be rest assured that you are not alone at MSD – we are on this journey together. Collaborate closely with your teammates and across the organisation. Alone you may go fast, but as a team we will go further.

Talented people have great opportunities here.

Sari Käkelä||Medical Advisor, Oncology||MSD Finland

What I like about MSD as a workplace is that there are many opportunities to advance your career in oncology and to grow professionally through your work. Knowledge-sharing in cross-functional teams and sparring with colleagues outside of your department or specialists from another field broadens your perspective. I’m currently enrolled in a mentorship programme where I’m the mentee and the Business Unit Director is my mentor. The purpose is for me to clarify how I can develop in my role as Medical Advisor and to discuss my personal career path.

I receive our first study results before marketing authorization to commence scientific exchange.

The most important part of my job is to pave the ground for scientific exchange. I manage dialogues and interactions with physicians to gather their input for our study results; what do they think the clinical importance is? And how would our product fit into their everyday lives treating patients? I work with several tumor types and need to be in contact and personally meet with top experts and scientific leaders in each field.

I’m proud to be working with such high ethical standards.

What really characterises MSD as a workplace are the ethics and integrity that we are all operating with as core values. That is something that makes me proud when I’m out in the field meeting physicians at hospitals around the country to discuss our latest results. I very much enjoy these meetings, as I’m there in a position where I really feel I can help patients and make an impact. That is why I wanted to work with oncology in the first place.


MSc in Pharmacy

Different pharmaceutical,
medical and sales roles
in GlaxoSmithKline

Sari’s advice for new colleagues:
Be open and be ready to collaborate closely with our different departments. Also, there are no stupid questions or input, so don’t be shy to share your ideas and engage in discussions.

We bring science forward as fast as possible and with the biggest possible impact.

Tiago Pinheiro||Biomarker & CDx Lead, Oncology||MSD Sweden

I wanted to be part of that change or evolution in pharma focusing on personalised medicine, which is basically about tailoring the right treatment to the right patient. Having a scientific background, I sometimes feel that science gets too far from application in the real world, which is what motivated me to take up my current position. At MSD, we base our work on true science and bring it to products where it ultimately can contribute to prolong cancer patients’ lives. We all work to bring science to application as fast as possible with the biggest possible impact.

I work to make sure that the right drug is given to the right patient.

In brief, my job as Biomarker & Companion Diagnostics Lead is about making sure that the right patient gets the right treatment through the use of personalised medicine. When we launch products for new cancer types, it is my responsibility that the biomarker test is conducted with the highest possible quality, and to tailor the strategy behind it to match the needs of our Nordic team, doctors and patients. A big part of my job is also to coordinate medical education, attend medical conferences and stay updated on the latest data and innovations in oncology.

We help cancer patients live longer and with higher life quality.

The best thing about my job is knowing that we contribute to help cancer patients live longer and with higher quality of life. Failing is not an option, because we are all aware of what is at stake here. We work as one team with the same goal, aligning and optimising our efforts. We have a very collaborative culture, and we are good at giving feedback and acknowledging each other’s efforts and results. For instance, we have an internal programme called ‘Inspire’ where you can credit your colleagues for their great work by nominating them for awards.


MSc in Molecular
Medicine. PhD in

Biomarker Research
Trainee at Olink

Tiago’s advice for new colleagues:
Step outside of your comfort zone. If you get a chance to take on a new and maybe difficult assignment, challenge yourself and go ahead and do it! You might not succeed, but you will definitely learn something and do much better the next time. I was once asked to do a workshop about a drug I knew very little about, so to prepare I researched quite extensively and got help from my colleagues too. It ended up as a great experience. So accept a challenge, dare to try and never stop learning!

Everyone is motivated to find more efficient and successful ways of doing things.

Sebastian Lindholm||Omni-Channel Brand Manager, Oncology||MSD Sweden

I was actually encouraged by a former colleague to apply for a job at MSD, and then her stories about the workplace convinced me to go for it. When I started here, I was instantly amazed by the positive attitude and sincere motivation to achieve greater things, every day, among my colleagues. Everyone is so driven, and at the same time knowledgeable about their field and curious about exploring new go-to-market models. Our management urges us to go ahead with our ideas and to be ambitious.

I am inspired to turn traditional channels upside-down.

As Omni-Channel Brand Manager, Oncology, I see myself as a spider in the web. Collaboration and continuous dialogue and knowledge-sharing with our Therapy Area Managers and Medical Advisors is key in my role. I need to be updated on our latest immuno-oncology inventions and research to communicate this to health care professionals through the right channels, applying a 360-degree view of the marketing model. I like to challenge myself and MSD Oncology; how can we think differently and what can we do to improve the traditional channels?

I feel proud when I see what our inventions in oncology can do to help patients.

I am particularly proud of my job when I get to meet the patients and hear their stories about how our inventions have helped improve their lives. At MSD Oncology, we collaborate with multiple stakeholders in health care. We have this ‘Brown-Bag Lunch’ concept where we invite different health care related speakers to come and share their knowledge and inspire us. Sometimes it is patients that come to tell their stories on how cancer has affected them, and that is often extremely touching. It is very fulfilling to work for improving the lives of cancer patients.


MSc in Media Studies
and BSc in Media &
Communication Studies

Marketing and Public
Relations Lead at KTH,
Royal Institute of

Sebastian’s advice for new colleagues:
Take advantage of the profound knowledge and expertise of our Medical Advisors and other experts. The pharmaceutical industry was new to me when I started at MSD, as I came from another specialization and a totally different perspective. But no matter what role you have in MSD Oncology, it will benefit you to know the field. And also, be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work in a rapidly changing environment – I promise you, it will be fun too!

About MSD Oncology

MSD is a pioneer company in Immuno-Oncology that has the potential to transform how physicians treat cancer and how patients benefit from their cancer treatment. We have an industry-leading global oncology development programme that includes more than 700 clinical trials ongoing, and we expect a significant number of approvals for treatments for different types of cancers over the coming years. MSD’s Oncology team in the Nordics is the scientific and commercial liaison between MSD and national health care providers and authorities. Our team has an unwavering commitment to supporting accessibility and accelerated access to our medicines for those in need, and we are proud of building a leading oncology company.

I pave the ground for||scientific exchange.

Sari Käkelä
Medical Advisor, Oncology
MSD Finland

Meet Truc Hoang

Medical Advisor, Oncology

Work for life matters more and more


2012, estimated cancer
diagnoses worldwide


2025, predicted cancer
diagnoses worldwide

The expectations are that new anti-cancer Immune-Oncology medicines will be used as a common treatment across some of the most common cancers were there still exists large unmet treatment needs.


MSD global oncology

> 700

MSD in the Nordics:

> 55


Join us as a:
Brand Manager
Country Medical Lead
Medical Advisor
Commercial Operations & Alliance Lead
Therapy Area Manager

Tiago Pinheiro Transparent

I make sure that the||right patient gets||the right treatment.

Tiago Pinheiro
Biomarker & CDx Lead, Oncology
MSD Sweden

Visionary science: Immuno-Oncology

Every member of our team is committed to smartly and collaboratively accelerating the speed with which we can bring forward new approaches to treat people with cancer.


The feeling of making||a difference is present||every single day.

Ami Albihn
Medical Advisor, Oncology
MSD Sweden

Understanding the immune||system and cancer

The past
In the 1950s, researchers proposed that the immune system patrols the body to detect and destroy tumor cells. Scientists and researchers had previously focused on cancer cells and treating cancer as a genetic disease.

The present
Now the focus is shifting to the microenvironment in which cancer grows, including the immune system - an approach called Immuno-Oncology.

The Future
Immuno-Oncology has the potential to transform how physicians treat cancer and how patients benefit.


I communicate our inventions to||health care professionals, apply-||ing a 360-degree view|| of the marketing model.

Sebastian Lindholm
Omni-Channel Brand Manager, Oncology
MSD Sweden